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Q. Who is CanvasPop?

CanvasPop is a web-based company that converts photos into printed canvas art. Check us out at www.canvaspop.com

Q. What is Remade by CanvasPop?

Remade is an initiative launched by CanvasPop, whereby we make wallets out of unusable canvas. We then sell these wallets and donate the profits of each sale to charity: water, a non-profit organization that helps bring clean and safe drinking water to people in need.

Q. Why charity: water?

Water security is fundamental to the health and well being of the hundreds of millions of people who do not have access to safe and clean drinking water. We are strong proponents of charity: water's work in this area, their 100% donation model and their commitment to transparency. For more information on charity: water and their work, please see: www.charitywater.org

Q. How much money of each sale will go to charity:water?

We will donate $5 from every wallet sold to charity: water. This $5 represents the profits of the sale, after recovering production and support costs.

Q. Who makes the wallets?

Each wallet is constructed by EcoEquitable Inc., a non-profit organization that provides employment and skill development to immigrant and underemployed women.

Q. How are the "Featured Art" wallets made from wasted canvas?

We print hundreds of our customers' photos on a single 40 foot canvas roll every day. Each image is separated by white borders on all four sides that enable us to cut them from the roll. With over 150,000 customers served since 2009, that's a lot of empty white borders, which ultimately get discarded. To minimize this waste, we embedded these borders with images we've received from various photographers and/or artists and use this as our "featured art" wallet design. In so doing, we have reduced our blank canvas waste by approximately 8%. We even give a royalty of each sale to the artist that donates the image, and feature them in their product page.

Q. What are the "Surprise Me" wallets and how are they made from wasted canvas?

Some canvases either have inherent flaws or get damaged during the production process. These pieces have to be discarded and reprinted for our customers. We use this canvas as the basis for our "surprise me" wallets. We first email our clients and see if they want to “donate” their wasted canvas and once we receive permission, we place it in the production process. Every wallet in this case is completely unique -- no two are ever the same. Keep in mind that you won't receive a preview of this wallet before it ships out - but, we think that's all part of the fun!

Q. How do you obtain permission to reuse customers' photos?

Our customers' privacy is our utmost concern. Once we determine that a photo canvas has to be discarded, we contact the customer and ask their permission to use the piece for our "surprise me" wallets. We only use scrap canvases after we obtain the express consent of the customer.

Q. What types of images will I see on my "Surprise Me" wallets?

We never use images of faces, body parts and/or any other recognizable information (e.g. license plate, addresses of any kind) to make the "Surprise Me" wallets.  They mostly consist of scenery shots, architecture shots or patterns.  

Q. What if I don't like the design of the "Surprise Me" wallet?

We try our best to select sections of the canvas that will make for an interesting, 100% unique design. Not knowing the ultimate look of your wallet is all part of the fun. However, if this is a concern, then we would suggest you go with our "featured art" wallets, so there are no surprises.

Q. Do you accept returns?

Our ultimate goal in this endeavour is to not only reduce our waste, but to also raise money for charity.  For that reason, we apologize, but all sales are final.

Q. What shipping options are available?

We offer two different shipping options. Trackable shipping for $9.00 and Rush shipping for $25.00 - both options are a flat rate and will be applied once per order.

Q. I am a photographer/artist - how can I get featured as a Remade artist?

We will be adding artists to our lineup over time, so please send us an email at remade@canvaspop.com with your name and a link to your work and someone from our artist recruitment team will follow up with you.

Q. What is the difference between the one panel and the two panel wallets?

Our single panel wallets are 3"x4" with three card slots and one side pocket. Our two panel wallets are 4"x6" unfolded (3"x4" when folded) with six card slots and two inside pockets. For a more detailed look, check out our video!



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